Rapid prototyping

Discover an extensive experiment library that goes beyond interviews, surveys, and minimum viable products.

Design is the activity of turning vague ideas, market insights, and evidence into concrete value propositions and solid business models. Good design involves the use of strong business model patterns to maximize returns and compete beyond product, price, and technology.

The risk is that a business can’t get access to key resources (technology, IP, brand, etc.), can’t develop capabilities to perform key activities. Fruitful Source can become your key partner to build and scale the value proposition.

Testing and reducing risk

Bullet-proof your business ideas with stronger evidence than you’ve ever gathered before.

To test a big business idea you break it down into smaller chunks of testable hypotheses. These hypotheses cover three types of risk. First, that customers aren’t interested in your idea (desirability). Second, that you can’t build and deliver your idea (feasibility). Third, that you can’t earn enough money from your idea (viability).

You test your most important hypotheses with appropriate experiments. Each experiment generates evidence and insights that allow you to learn and decide. Based on the evidence and your insights you either adapt your idea, if you learn you were on the wrong path, or continue testing other aspects of your idea, if the evidence supports your direction.

Our iterative process


Discover if your general direction is right. Test basic assumptions. Get first insights to course correct rapidly.

Weak evidence is sufficient to discover if your general direction is right. You get first insights into your most important hypotheses.


Validate the direction you’ve taken. Confirm with strong evidence that your business idea is very likely to work.

Strong evidence is required to validate the direction you’ve taken. You aim to confirm the insights you’ve gotten for your most important hypotheses.


Who could benefit from the service?

Corporate innovator

Corporate Innovator who is challenging the status quo and who is building new business ventures within the constraints of a large organization.

Startup entrepreneur

Startup Entrepreneur who wants to test the building blocks of your business model to avoid wasting the time, energy, and money of the team, cofounders, and investors.


Solopreneur who has a side hustle or an idea that isn’t quite yet a business.

Fruitful Source  Fruitful Source 
Fruitful Source  Fruitful Source 

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